FEAST PROJECT - Artist Profile

Educated in the Fine Arts, Johnson's interdisciplinary practice involves time-based media and the photographic arts. Through these processes Johnson examines site - where context, culture and history become platforms for understanding the construction of identity. The work includes artist's books, public art commissions, installation works and museum intervention.

Key research interests include: the exploration ritual contexts and the enactment of gender archetypes; the document as an imaginative and performative zone; and systems of memory.



  • Master of Fine Arts, Degree with Distinction (1988)
    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA
  • Master of Arts, Degree with Distinction (1986)
    University of New Mexico
  • Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude (1984)
    California State University, Northridge, USA

Selected Awards

  • UCA Research Grants (2008-09)
  • British Council Grant (2007)
  • UCCA Publication Grant (2006)
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (2003)
    Grants in the Creative and Performing Arts
  • London Arts Board (1998)
    Award to Individual Artists


Selected Exhibitions, Installations,
Interventions, Talks

  • Breaking the Plain (2012), single screen (3:43)
    Urban Migration Film Festival (15/2/12)
    The Bartlett, University College London, UK
    UCL's global faculty of the built environment
  • Video Presentation
    Part of the series Crosstalk, Budapest, Hungary
    24 April 2009
    Curated by Director Török Adrien
  • Airborne (March 2008), video-sound installation
    Sited at the HANGÁR, Bakelit M.A.C. as part of the 7th L1 Dance Festival Budapest, Hungary
    www.bakelitstudio.hu / www.l1.hu
  • Hangár (12:45)
    Video/Dance Intervention by Márta Ladjánszki
  • Missal (September 2007)
    Bookartbookshop, London, UK
  • ‘thirteen minus one’ in Intervention (September 2007)
    Fieldgate Gallery, London, UK
  • Notes on an Indulgence, Studio Space (Summer 2007)
    Collaboration with Catherine Clinger
    Vertigo Magazine
  • Christy Johnson and 33 Confessors (2007)
    Photographic Installation
    Oculorium Gallery
    UCR / California Museum of Photography, USA
  • The Set (2007)
    (Video Triptych installation)
    Project Room
    UCR California Museum of Photography
  • A digital screen-based exhibition of the Feast Archive and artist’s presentation (2006)
    Panel: Theory and Practice in Renovating the Archive Conference ‘Reading Spiritualities’ Constructing and Representing Spiritualities Through the Medium of Text: Literary, Visual and Sacred, Department of Religious Studies, Lancaster University, UK
  • A Tale of Two Feasts (2005)
    Greenhouse Series, No. 2 (installation and publication)
    George Rodger Gallery, UK
  • Truss (2001)
    CDAK International Exhibition
    Seoul, Korea
  • Action/Performance and the Photograph (1998)
    Commissioned by Reading Borough Council, UK
  • Divers Memories Interventionist Museum Projects
    (4 produced in 1996):
  • Split/Suite: The Making of Finland in Three Movements
    Collaboration with Roz Mortimer (video sited in main building)
    Pielisen Museum, North Karelia, Finland
  • Vihta
    Collaboration with Roz Mortimer
    (Installation in sauna number 60; performance to camera,
    SX-70 images and sound)
    Pielisen Museum
  • Model House
    (Photographic diptych and text sited in main building)
    Pielisen Museum
  • taxis, “In the Company of Things”
    (Photographic tags sited in the stuffed bird section of museum)
    Manchester Museum, UK
  • Signature (1995)
    (Site-specific Installation - slide projection, sound and text)
    Thatchum Nature Reserve
    (worked with the archivist at Hampshire Museum)
    Commissioned by Artpoint Trust and Reading Borough Council, UK
  • The Angry Act of Creation: Thresholds of Initiation (1992)
    Valokuvataide-Arkitaide, Symposium Lecture
    Helsinki Museum of Fine Art, Finland
  • Thematics of Violation (1990)
    (Large-scale photographic-sculptural constructions)
    University of Texas at San Antonio Art Gallery, USA
    9 October 1990 (public lecture by Jason Knapp)
  • Amphibiguities (1989)
    (Large-scale photographic-sculptural constructions)
    The Center for Contemporary Arts
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA